Monday, September 29, 2008

6 days...

It looks as though the cut off for the latest batch of referrals is Feb. 15th - they did 6 days. That leaves 13 days ahead of us and Feb. 28th is a big day. I am hoping, meditating, praying to the Gods and sending thoughts to the universe that we will have our referral in December... It is REALLY hard to be this close and yet so very very very very far away from our daughter. She is on this earth and we think of her all the time, hoping that she is receiving our love and thoughts that we send her every day. We know that Anita and Benji's little angels as well as our Grandma's are watching over her, making sure that she is safe, warm and has a full belly.
Colleen said something that really made me think yesterday. She said that it just sucks that I don't have a big belly for people to fawn over and take care of. No one gets up for me on the bus - teehee, BUT they also don't understand how difficult (I can't think of a word that will adequately describe the roller coaster of the adoption world) it is to go through this emotionally. It takes a toll. Luckily we have a strong marriage and strong friendships which have carried us through - not to mention a little wine and chocolate on the side!! I hope that in two short months, I will be posting a photo of Isabel here...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Hope that you are all enjoying your mooncakes!!!!!!! I am off to the grocery store to buy some- we like the nut kind!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Wow, its been a while OR From the mouths of babes...

So, it has been a while but we have gone through two more LIDversaries and there are now ONLY 19 days of LID referral days ahead of us. Who KNOWS how long it will take to get through these days, especially since according to a number of sources, Feb. 28th, 2006 was a big day for LID's. November is my wishful thinking, December is a possibility and January - well you know where this is going. I have to say though, that seeing people in my February group receive their referrals has been an incredible "pick me up" and somewhat of a reality check!!
In other news my niece and nephew along with my Mom were out to visit from Ontario in August. I keep thinking of Emma's question "Why is Isabel in China?" Our brother-in-law does quite a bit of travelling for his business and he was in China last spring. Emma just couldn't fathom why her Daddy didn't just pick Isabel up for us and bring her home. I WISH!!!!!!!! For a child who doesn't understand how babies are created yet, this is a real dilemma!! We had some answers but I found that for an intelligent 6 year old, the stock answer "because Isabel is Chinese and that is where she was born. We must wait to get the OK to go and get her from the Chinese government because she is Chinese. We have to have the official papers to take her to Canada but right now she is living in an orphanage with nannies" wasn't enough. She wanted to know why Isabel was born there, why she couldn't stay with her Mommy and Daddy etc etc. It was a difficult discussion that kept coming up but one I believe, will be part of our lives once Isabel is home and I want to have better answers for her and her cousin...Sigh.
Now, I must dig my head out the "waiting parent" sand and start to brush up on everything that I was soooo into reading two years ago. Luckily, our library is a wonderful resource. Oh and I have to say Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!! It was great to chat with you today. Love you!!!