Thursday, April 26, 2007

I knew it but...

Johnny is closing up shop!!! If you haven't had a chance to enjoy his writing, please do so before he password protects his site and goes into the ether. I read his posts daily and always enjoyed his sense of humour, insight and yes, I will say it, wisdom!!! His blog had everything including his own passions for t-shirts, shoes and cooking lessons. Ah, what a guy. Going to miss my daily dose but I do wish him well. Goodbye Johnny!!! Sigh...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ok, this was just too sweet...

You have to watch it to the end. It was just too sweet!! It is just like Shawn and I, floating around and holding hands!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thanks Sam!!!

I had just the worst week at work. It was difficult in so many ways that I can't even explain them all. In the end though, last night as I was speaking to my boss, she thanked me for everything that I had accomplished. She said that she really appreciated all of the effort I had put into the huge special events, staffing difficulties and co-worker conflicts this past week. Needless to say, these were the huge challenges - there were so many little ones too!!! The best news is that we have gone from the strike vote results to mediation this past week which is a great step forward. Sometimes being part of the management team is really a drag!!!!!! So, when a special package arrived from Samantha I was thrilled. As you can see from the picture, it was a care package with "Kristine" written all over it (that's what Shawn said anyway!!). The tea is really lovely and I am enjoying a cup as I write this. The chocolate - well what can I say - FABULOUS. This is my special Japanese teapot which brews the best tea ever so I had to use it for this very special tea!!! Yes, I have a number of teapots and a tea cupboard. Love my tea!!!
In this photo I also included the box with all of the great "Year of the Pig" stamps on it!!! When Shawn picked it up, our post office gal said "hope you like stamps!!!" Shawn laughed and said that there was a special reason for them!! So, thanks again Sam for this pick me up just when I needed it. You are a REAL pal!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

What a weekend!!!

We just arrived home from the incredible Seido-en on Saltspring Island. It is a wonderful place and the time we spent there was rejuvenating. Camie had a fabulous time too as our "old girl" joined us on our weekend away (we can't leave her home alone any longer). She made herself at home immediately and meowed all the way home today - the slate floors are heated - need I say more!! As for Shawn and I, we partook in the hot tub many, many times and enjoyed an absolutely beautiful day yesterday on the outside patio. Camie prowled around but we had to bring her in when she started to eat grass. She is amazing for a 19 year old kitty but she doesn't have the teeth for this any longer. We were also visited by three deer, a humming bird and a variety of little song birds. It is so peaceful and quiet in the Japanese forest house. Well, off to unpack and try to get used to the noises of the city again!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Referrals are in!!!!!

TWO days. OMG. Is this ever going to happen?!? No more positive thoughts today - just wallowing :(

Friday, April 06, 2007

Laughing till I cry!!!

With the news the last few days about referrals, I had to find SOMETHING funny out there!!! In my defense, I don't understand the language but I do think that this was staged and that no one was hurt. Watch at your own discretion and know that I have a weird sense of humour!!!!
After Maryellen's suggestion, I went and updated this with the subtitles - she's right, it is even funnier!!!!!!
Laughing Interview

Happy Easter!!!

This picture has in it Isabel's Easter gifts and the cushion cover that Anita and Bengy gave our little girl. I have all of the windows wide open and the sun is shining, what a beautiful day!! It is strange to have these gifts because we don't purchase Christmas gifts for Isabel but I guess that the Easter goodies are soooo cute that I can't resist!! The bunny egg plate I purchased last year, thinking that we would be making eggs this year. Guess not. This year I purchased the bunny because she is soooo soft and adorable. She is a ty beanie baby and she has a "squishy" stomach that is just tooooo fun to cuddle. I can't wait for Isabel to hold her. Now I KNOW that her eyes may be dangerous and the scarf may have to be removed but still, she is the sweetest little bunny ever - just like our little bunny will be!!! I think that I have mentioned that Shawn's pet name for me is "bunny rabbit" or "kitten" so I am sure Isabel will be "little bunny" or something like that. Camie's pet name is "rooster" because she gets us up at the crack of dawn by howling for food - for the past 19 years!!!! Believe me, you can't ignore her, she just gets louder and then comes and licks your eyelids!! What a cat but I digress, just wanted to say Happy Easter!!!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Why do people always think that I want to hold babies? Yet another staff member's new baby was brought to work today and handed around for everyone to hold. I don't hold babies. It is just too hard.
Usually, I can just avoid the holding while oogling the new little one but today, they tried to put him in my arms. Yikes!!! Another staff member said "I thought for sure you would be the first one to want to hold him." Just another instance of people not having any clue what it is like to wait literally for years to have a family!! Just had to vent.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


as said by "Count von Count" on Sesame Street - imagine the lightening flash and thunder rolling. Maryellen at TBG Happenings posted her families 12 month LIDversary the other day and included the "Ladybug Picnic" cartoon from Sesame Street. The next day, she put on "Two Little Girls" from Sesame Street - one of my ALL TIME favorites. So thanks so much Maryellen for the great memories and I had "Count von Count" rolling around in my head so I decided to quote him in my title of this post!!

Yes it has been 13 months today. How many more to go? Who knows but I am betting 6. I am kind of a betting gal - I have gone to the Casino a few times (with work) and one day I made $11.00 from only playing a quarter. Not bad odds!! I must have a little of that genetic luck of the Irish!! I don't really know other people with the same LID as we have - it is not a common one but happy LIDversary to anyone who is sharing this ride with us!!! 13 GLORIOUS months a ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.