Saturday, June 30, 2007

Guess I am less of a Geek than I thought...

28% Geek
Mingle2 -

Yep, thought that I was more of a Geek because I like Sci-Fi, reading and computers but guess not!! I think that I am a geek because I did this quiz on a beautiful long weekend!!!! Actually, Veronica is here from the Mainland and we are resting after a lovely Thai lunch on the patio around the block, thrift store shopping and walking all over the city. Next stop the liquor store for some Vodka for 'tinis and then to the rooftop patio downtown for dinner and drinks. Yummy!!!!! See how great I feel tomorrow...yikes!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thank you to our March DTC Secret Pal

I don't know how to thank you for filling Isabel's toy chest and our medicine cabinet with all of the goodies you sent this month. I can't believe how amazing the first aid kit is - booboo stickers, crayon band aides. Just sooo cute!!!! As I wrote in our DTC group, Camie and I have already played with the toy medical kit. It was really fun and I can't wait for Isabel to get her hands on all of the goodies. Shawn was really thrilled with the card that you sent and he agrees that he will call us "his girls" as I am so much like a little kid sometimes!!! Too cute!!!
Again, thank you for your generosity!! I also wanted to thank everyone for their wishes for our girl. She had a wonderful meal of BBQ chicken and had TONS of cuddles that night (not that she doesn't every night!!). When I am reading other people's blogs, it always amazes me how many people without children have pets. They truly are our "fur-babies". When Shawn wasn't sure about adopting, I asked him how he felt about his kitties because they were adopted (yes, I know some people are offended when the word 'adoption' is used in relation to animals) and they are a different species!!!! Love is boundless, timeless and an amazing gift that we give the people and animals in our lives!! Have a great weekend - I plan to do NOTHING at all!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Darling Girl...

also known as Camie - gurl, Rooster (she gets Shawn up every morning at 5 am!!), Lovey girl, sweetie kitty and beautiful doll. She is 19 years old and still going strong. She has a few issues that we tackle with a raw food diet but she is a pretty healthy girl with a few creaks!! She was the tiniest little thing when I first brought her home, she lived in the closet with me at Shawn and Wayne's (don't ask!!!) and moved across our country in the front seat of a Uhaul truck, sitting on a pillow and telling Shawn ALL about his driving!!! Quite the life.

Tonight, Shawn made chicken on the BBQ and we caught her standing on the table, sniffing out the chicken!! What a girl!! She likes to be with us at all times and puts me to bed every night. Yep she does. She comes in, snuggles me and then leaves about 10:30 every night. If I am not in bed by 10:00, the calling starts. Last night we went down to the Ocean and when we came home, she was on her koshie. I told her I was going to bed and she came with me immediately!! Soooo sweet.

She is declawed but still has her back claws so it sounds like she is walking with high heels wherever she goes. I have to say that this suits her. She used to sit in chairs, with her paws hanging over the arms like the queen. Camie is really something!!
Every day when I come home from work, she is on the bed waiting to be picked up and snuggled. Shawn says that she makes her way to the bed from wherever she is in the house, just before I get home. The funny thing is that I have caught her on her way to the bedroom and she gets so mad!!! What a girl!!!! She also sleeps on a pillow above my head every night and gets very upset if I get up in the morning without a cuddle. Yikes!!!

For all of you who know and love our cat who thinks that she is a human (she actually talks on the phone to her Grandma Liz), send her food - that is all she wants. Oh yes, and tons of love and attention.

Happy Birthday Camie gurl - we love you soooooooo very much!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I can't believe I haven't done this yet...

Maryellen and family, over at TBG Happenings, fellow Marching Pandas HAVE THEIR REFERRAL of their beautiful daughter Sophie!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to all of you - we are just thrilled for your family Maryellen. If you haven't already, go have a peek at this gorgeous girl!! This news just made our weekend - it is wonderful to know that another precious baby girl has an amazing family coming to take her home!!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Favorite Comfort Food Tag

Well, I have been tagged by Dolores so here goes:
1. Dark Chocolate - love it, love it, love it!!!! Ah, such comfort in Chocolate.
2. Gluten Free Pizza - Yummy and very nice after a long day!! This combines my love of Thai food...
3. My most recent favorite food is Vanilla yogurt with frozen blueberries and lots of fresh strawberries... must make some now!!
I have to add one more.... SUSHI!!!!!! LOVE my sushi. Always makes me feel better.
I have to say that I used to love egg salad sandwiches on white bread or mac and cheese but the gluten free options just aren't as good!!
If you are reading this and want to share...consider yourself tagged!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Your birthday means you are...

Your Birthdate: February 11
Spiritual and thoughtful, you tend to take a step back from the world. You're very sensitive to what's going on around you, yet you remain calm.Although you are brilliant, it may take you a while to find your niche.Your creativity is supreme, but it sometimes makes it hard for you to get things done.
Your strength: Your inner peace
Your weakness: You get stuck in the clouds
Your power color: Emerald
Your power symbol: Leaf
Your power month: November
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

I found this on LayDfrog's blog and thought that it was cute!!! I do believe that I get stuck in the clouds and if my power month is November - here's hoping for a referral then!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Last night we ordered pizza for dinner. There is only one place in town that does a gluten-free crust so that is where we have to order from (for me). It is called "The Joint" and the pizza's are amazing. Shawn always gets the organic whole wheat crust and they are really creative with their pizzas. I had the Thai peanut one last night - yummy!!
So, because it is a specialized pizza "joint", it takes a LONG time to be delivered (usually over an hour). It is located right downtown on Wharf St. and it is VERY difficult to pick up from. So, what does this have to do with waiting? Well, last night I called at 5:20 to order. At 7:00 Shawn asked if I should call and see where it was because we had been waiting so long. I said "Well hon, we are experts in waiting for things. We waited 8 years to get married, 6 years to get pregnant and we have been waiting over two years for our adoption. What is the problem with waiting over an hour and a half for a pizza?" We had a good laugh and then the doorbell rang...

Monday, June 04, 2007

My last post was...

a little blue sounding!! I just reread it and I have to say that although we are sad that we don't have our daughter home with us, we have been using this time to prepare ourselves for her arrival. I REALLY want to be a SAHM and we might actually be able to achieve this because of the extended wait times. Last week was difficult because I would really like to make a change in jobs and the one offered last week was a peach. They already knew about the parental leave (it was an unsolicited job offer) so I had to fess up the rest of the info. I think that I was feeling sad about that. Anyway, just wanted to report that yes, although this wait is so uncertain and yes, there are times when we all feel down, in the end it is for the best. We will make more of our dreams come true!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Guess I had better acknowledge it...

15 months yesterday, CCAA logged in our dossier. 15 months, wow! Thanks for the reminder Sam , I knew it was coming but forgot!! Feels like forever and then it feels like no time at all has passed. Before this month, I was always so hyper-aware that each month was passing, we celebrated and felt that we were one month closer to bringing home our daughter. Now that the wait is extending into infinity (who really knows how long it will get to be), we didn't celebrate, I wasn't hyper-aware and we are trying to forget that yet another summer is passing without a child in our home. Will it be another summer after this one? Who knows. I guess that I am just kind of tired of the monthly referral roller-coaster.
I had to turn down a job offer this week (an unsolicited one ) because of the uncertainty of the referral timeline which will end in a parental leave (we have over 30 weeks in Canada). I just couldn't give them a concrete answer other than "maybe next spring" and we agreed that it would not be beneficial for their clients. This situation is not good for relationship building which is essential in my career. I just don't feel as though I can make a job change even though I REALLY need to, when everything is so uncertain. The only certain thing is the uncertainty!!!
So, I will get excited about these LIDversary's when they actually mean that we are close to our referral. No-one said that adoption would be easy!!!