Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer is zooming by...

Just wondering if others are feeling this way? So many times I have blog posts rolling around in my head but I never seem to have the time to write anything!! Summer is just zooming by and I feel as though it hasn't even started yet!!!!! For posterity, I thought that I should list what has happened in our small little world so far..

1.We have had tons of fun with friends and family. It has been a crazy time of visiting, holidaying and exploring our Island home.
2. Our very dear friend's granddaughter was shot a week ago in Winnipeg outside of a club while waiting for a cab with her girlfriends after a birthday party. She is recuperating and coming home to Vancouver this weekend. You never think that these things will happen to people that you know and love!!!
3. The last H. Potter book arrived here on Friday from Amazon and it has been hard to take my nose out of it to spend time with anyone. Yesterday, they all went hiking and I took my chair and sat at the beach and read... As my 6 1/2 year old friend Baxter said "Don't read it too fast Kristine, then you will be sorry you have finished it!! I feel that way about most of the books that I read!!" He also informed me that I missed out on climbing the magical mountain because I decided to read instead. What was I thinking!!Ah, out of the mouths of babes!!
4. The H. Potter movie "Order of the Phoenix" came out and we went. I will have to see it a second time to really give an opinion.
5. We almost bought a new townhouse condo but didn't move fast enough... the market here is CRAZY expensive...I have to get used to the fact that unless I want to live in the suburbs, we will be staying put...

AND our little nephew Blake turned TWO today!!! Happy birthday to one of the cutest little guys we know!! Wish we had been there to help celebrate but it sounded as though Blake and Brett were having a good time when we called!!

So, August is on the horizon and the sun is setting at 9:30 instead of 10:00. Soon enough, we will have 17 months of official waiting under our belts and referral should come soon too... Here's hoping we have our daughter to enjoy the summer with next year. Off to watch "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" while we eat Shawn's famous chicken wings...Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!
You drink everyone under the table.

Well, my genetic heritage is mainly Irish and I have been known to have a few drinks... Thanks Sam for posting this, it was fun!!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Congratulations Ms. Dragonfly!!!

Oh my, Ms Dragonfly !!!! What a wonderful week. New book and NEW BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!! Grace Ryan is absolutely precious!! If you didn't already know this, Elizabeth is a published author and you can find the link to purchase her first book right here. Isn't the title page just the cutest!! It is just so amazing when referrals arrive and those of us still waiting can share in the joy!!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thanks Sam!!!!

Well, I know that everyone says this but the best part of this wait are the great people that you "meet" through groups and blogging. My Feb DTC pal Sam is one of those people. She has sent me so many little goodies along the way and yesterday, a package with dark chocolate, some pretty candles and a great cd, came my way. I can't tell you how it brightened an otherwise dreary day!!!!! Oh yes, if you do visit Sam today her first attempt at a poem, "Ode to a Pooper Scooper" is hysterical!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!
I guess I am feeling a little sad because our friends have returned to Ontario and we have returned to work after a fabulous holiday with them. It was great!! We went to all of the places that I mentioned in my last post as well as visiting Colleen, Bob and the kids on Saltspring Island for a day. There is NOTHING like a BBQ and swimming in an Island lake!! Thanks guys for having us!!
I am also feeling sad because the kids are gone. Rachael is six and Andrew is eight. They are wonderful kids and we had so much fun together. Rachael spent her last night here dressed in my purple wig and vampire costume along with the teeth. She is hilarious!! I had to give her the glow in the dark teeth to take home - she spent hours in the bathroom with them!!! I guess having the kids here, even when they were fighting and driving their parents crazy, really reminded me that we want a family too and it has just been such a long wait to have one. People who are adopting for the first time have usually been waiting alot longer than the published wait times and it is now eight years for us with only 16 months of this being in line for China. I was looking at the kids thinking that if we had been able to have our own, our children would have been just a little younger than Andrew and Rachael. Oh well. Yikes, late for work but thanks again Sam for brightening my day as you always do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Again!!!

I can't believe that I haven't posted for two weeks!! We have been so very busy with a house full of guests. I had this past week off from work and we travelled (with Camie of course) up island to Parksville and enjoyed every minute swimming in the ocean, playing on the beach, visiting
Cathedral Grove, hanging out on our ocean view hotel room balconies and visiting Gary at his campsite at Rathtrevor Beach. I don't have pictures yet but it was a great week and even Camie enjoyed the air conditioned suite as we have had some hot weather here on the West Coast.
Ah, this is the life. Both of my parents are/were teachers and I never understood that people actually went to work in the summer. My Dad coached all of our sports teams, we went sailing, to the cottage and visited friends and family all summer long. It was a great childhood but it was very difficult to get my mind around that fact that you have to work at your full time job in the summer!!! Even though intellectually I know that most people do, it just doesn't feel right to get up and go to work on hot summer days!!! This is actually, the first time I have had a week off in the summer for oh, 22 years so I have worked all summer long since I was a teenager but it is still strange!!! So, hope that everyone is enjoying their summer - especially you teachers who really deserve the time away!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

16 months down...

? to go... Just thought that I should mark it by a post. Hope all of the Canadians are having a great Canada Day!!! We are watching the Diana Special then off to the fun downtown. That Seamus O'Reagan from CTV is HILARIOUS!!!! What a guy and kind of cute too!!