Saturday, February 28, 2009

a little worse for wear today...

Had a FABULOUS night last night with the gang from work. The food at M.INGS was super, the company was perfect, the laughter was infectious and the gift of a "Lucky Tree" from everyone was amazing. Let's just say that the red envelopes were "FULL" of exactly what we needed thanks to Shirley!!! Yes, it brought tears to my eyes - it was such a beautifully creative gift that pays homage to Isabel's culture. I really have no words - which if you know me well, is quite a feat!!!
You can also see from the photo the cute little walker that Ricci gave Isabel (her little nephew loves his so she thought Isabel should have one!!), the noisy but cute gum ball machine, Isabel's dolly and the Quatchi that Grandpa and Nana gave her. The Quatchi is one of the mascots for the 2010 which are being held across the water in Vancouver - a neat connection with Isabel being born in the year of the 2008 Olympics. They were going to get her a bear but this guy just had a little more meaning. He is REALLY soft and cuddly too!!!

So after dinner and a few martinis, I said, "so where are we going now!!!" The "martini" girls and I ended up going out except I think that I was the only one having the 'tinis - they were into the other cocktails and wine last night!! I even think I saw a beer or two. It was a blast and I am glad that I am not working today like a few of you are!!!!!!!! Thanks guys - it was a wonderful send off!!! I am going to lie down now...

Friday, February 27, 2009

One more step closer...

Today I spent my last day at work. It was a happy day in many ways and everyone was just wonderful!! They are having a dinner for us tonight which Shirley has arranged and I can't wait to kick back and enjoy it.
My only regret about leaving is missing those that I have worked closely with for the last 10 years. Shirley wouldn't even talk to me today and those of you who know me well, know how hard it was to say goodbye to her because if and when I go back, she will probably not be there. She is an amazing lady and I will so miss our daily laughs and giggles - she and a handful of others have made the last few years there tolerable. Love you guys- you know who you are!!!
I have to say the well wishes from the staff and family members of our residents were just amazing. I want to thank everyone for the hugs and smiles. Jens had all of his staff gather and gave me a lovely gift that he picked out himself!! Our Great Dane went into the baby section!! Wow!! He even made my lunch for me. It really couldn't have been a better day AND the sun is shining!! Oh and Dad, I didn't need the kleenex too much today but I might tonight - hopefully copious amounts of wine will help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are one step closer to our darling girl. May the next week go quickly!!!!!
2 more weekends, one more Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before our family day... can't wait. WOOOHOOOO!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Countdown is on...

:5 more days of work
:13 days until we fly
:16 days until we meet Isabel!!!

There are only
3 more weekends
3 more Mondays
2 more Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
UNTIL WE MEET ISABEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and our TA arrived this past week, so I guess were really going!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ok so the last few weeks I thought that I was losing it. My nose wouldn't stop bleeding, I had massive headaches and everyone around me kept pointing to blood pressure. Well, its not. Just really BAD allergies which my Dr. gave me a script for and now all is well!!! Anyway, we also were trying to get all of our paperwork together, Isabel's suitcase packed, lists made of 'to do's' before we leave etc etc etc. We seem to have a handle on it now which is GREAT!!! Oh and my nose not bleeding all the time - yeah that is pretty great too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So we have our itinerary:
Fly to Beijing March 5th
Fly to Nanchang March 9th
- Our Family Day is March 9th - less than a month away now!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fly back to Beijing March 14th
Fly home on March 20th.

Woohoooo!!!!! We have our tickets and when our confirmation came through, it felt so real!! We are actually going to China and meeting the person who is going to change our whole world!!! The person we have been waiting for all of these years. The person that we can call OUR daughter!!! We are just so thrilled and excited. Oh and she received her care package yesterday, on my birthday. Yes, that put tears in my eyes!!!! So now the countdown is on as the saga continues... (sorry, my addiction to East.enders is showing)

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I arrived home from work today and in the front hall, I found this guy...
Shawn's co-workers got together, had a pizza lunch party, a cake that said "Congratulations to the New Daddy" and bestowed upon him these lovely gifts today. The outfit is adorable and the HUGE stuffed dog is so soft. I can see Isabel using him as a cuddly pillow to lean on and read or sleep or wrestle... The sweetest gift from the guys and gals but such a surprise!!! They wrapped it beautifully and the card was so kind. I am sorry that the photo isn't better (it doesn't do the little outfit justice) but I used Shawn's camera and I am not good at figuring out all of his settings etc.

I also wanted to acknowledge that on the day we received our referral, Colleen, Bob and the boys sent us this beautiful bouquet which is still doing very well. Shirley ran out and found this cute little puppy so as soon as I returned to work that day, Isabel had a little gift!! The beautiful dolly was Isabel's Christmas gift from Colleen.
Thanks to everyone for your kindness. I know people are talking shower but I want to wait until we get home from China. There is just so much to do in the next few weeks. Oh and after lots of research I found that I want to use these gdiapers when we get home - I love the little outerpants (I don't know where to register for these though!!). I hope that she will already be on her way to potty training so these should be great. Cloth diapers were our other option but they are a huge investment if she isn't going to be in diapers very long.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Losing my mind...

First, we didn't expect to go to China until the end of April. That is what we were given as an estimate by our agency in January. Last night, Yulin called and asked if we could be ready to go the first week of March. Uh YESSSS!!!! Wow, Alison warned me we may go sooner than they originally told us but I was living in my little "waiting game" bubble!!

So, I have been up all night making lists in my head for work and home as the control freak in me is rearing her ugly head!!! A child will be living here in 7 weeks and luckily we put up her crib on the weekend and started organizing our bedroom and hers... still so much more to do though - I haven't even looked at her clothes, toys and books that are all in storage for at least a year. Oh my!!!

I can't believe that this is actually happening and that we will have our daughter home sooner than later!!!! After essentially "shutting off" my mommy thoughts to survive the long wait, I have to turn them back on and wow, are they rusty!!!!! Does anyone know what a one year old eats? (just kidding!!!)

Going to get ready for work now - only 4 more weeks there after 10 years... another life change is about to happen and we can't be more excited!!!!!!!!!