Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Which month is this?

Well, I haven't had a look at the blog lately so I'm not quite sure!! Too funny. Anyway, yesterday we actually went shopping for Isabel!! A good friend gave us a gift certificate for Christmas that we hadn't used yet so we decided to use it!! We bought Isabel her high chair and a few goodies for the diaper bag that we are taking to China. It has been a looooonnng time since we have purchased anything for her but it just felt right!! I put the chair together in the kitchen and it looked so right!!! I then disassembled it and put it back in the box (storage issues). Ah well.
Happy ? LIDversary to us... it really doesn't matter anymore I guess. We are counting the months ahead of us instead of those behind. Oh and I just finished the book "Eat, Pray, Love" - can you say Italy!!! I LOVED the first section - I am a pleasure seeker I guess. My favorite was the drawing with four feet on the floor, no head and a smile at the heart - how we should all strive to live!!