Wednesday, January 30, 2008

9 years...

Nine years ago today, we were married in the prettiest ceremony and then had the BEST party ever!!! We had an open bar, a chef making pasta and a live jazz band. SOOOOO fun other than Shawn being sick as a dog!!! Love my sweetie-pie even more today!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

It feels so good to...

skate, swim, play a little basketball and go for a walk. We had my girlfriend's eight year old for his "birthday" weekend and we did all of these things as well as the movie and video game thing. It felt great and although my right bicep is a little sore (he isn't the best skater so I was holding on very tight), it was super to get out and do something!!
The three of us went over to the neighborhood court at the rec centre this morning and played basketball in the freezing cold : 3 celcius!!! We taught him how to do a layup and how to throw the ball properly. So much fun!! I can't wait until Isabel is old enough to do these things with. I find that with my family and friend's kids, you can have alot of fun doing physical activities until they are around 11-12 - then its the "cool" factor kicking in.
I just wanted to record this here so that I can remember what a great weekend we had with Jaspar and how much fun it is to hang around with the kids!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, it is cold and sunny in our little part of the world. It has been a very difficult month but the sun is shining and I always feel a little better when that happens.
I wanted to share a beautiful photo that Shawn took the other night at the beach... We had the sun setting to the West and then the Moon was rising in the East. The light is returning and it feels like Spring is around the corner. Here's hoping for good referral news in the next few weeks...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thanks V!!!

I know that you check in here regularly so I just wanted to thank you for everything!! We had a great weekend and I was really sad when you left today :( We both love you very much (but you know that!!). Safe travels and we will see you soon!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

One week ago today...

we made a very difficult choice (in retrospect we do believe that she was ready to go, we just couldn't face it at the time). It has been a tough week but going back to work really helped. We also moved the furniture around, took out the rugs that we were never able to put down and took all of the "protective" coverings off of the furniture. I have to say that all of the calls, emails and support that we have been given through this time has really been thoughtful and kind. I also have to mention that Shawn is the most wonderful person and his martini making skills have been put into practice a few times this past week. Thank you darling. I love you.
This week was also our 22nd month of waiting since LID and the new referrals came in to Dec. 19, 2005. What can we do but wait. I have been in contact with both of our agencies and basically they told us that it wouldn't make sense to make big changes now because of where we are in line. Just to clarify, we have two agencies - one that is in town, takes care of the paperwork etc and the second, FOI who is our China facilitator. When I spoke to our social worker to do our homestudy update, she said that she had heard two years from FOI so our referral should be coming soon!! Needless to say, I enlightened her. The information that is coming through loud and clear is that no one knows what the future will hold yet they do think that we should hold tight for now. Who knows. I keep thinking of this psychic reading that I had from one of my Mom's friends when I was 10 or 11. She told me by reading my palm that I wouldn't have children. Who knows!!!!
Again, thanks for the support. We still REALLY miss our girl but each day gets a little better. Cheers, Kristine

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

22 months today...

Just have to mark it here for posterity. Thank you all for your kind words and phone calls. This has been the worst holiday season ever but we are getting through it. We have such wonderful family and friends who are so kind and their love has made the difference. I also have the best husband who keeps feeding me "frat" food as he calls it (yea, organic nacho chips, salsa, lovely olives, humus, red pepper humus, sushi, etc etc - I wanna join his frat!!). Shawn also makes the best martinis with olive sticks. He is such a good man and I love him with all of my heart and soul.
Happy New Year to all and we know that 2008 is the year we will be bringing our daughter to our home.