Monday, March 31, 2008

Marking the days...

26 months waiting today and that is NOT an April Fool's day joke, oops it is, it is ONLY 25 months. Silly me, just can't keep count anymore - it is over two years since LID anyway. Just marking the day...
Oh, and I am posting on the 1st even thought the date says that today is March 31st. Wierd!!!

Thank you's are in order!!

First, thanks to Sam for the cute little pick me up package. You always seem to know when I need it!!!! The dark chocolate eggs didn't last long but I love the little candles. They are in our little Easter box for next year!!! I can't wait to try the apricot tea - Yummy!!!!!!

Second, I want to thank Cyndi for the lovely gifts for our Spring Exchange in our Waiting for our First Child from China group. The outfits are adorable (lavender and butterflies no less!!) and I love the little hippo!! So sweet. The candy won't last long in this house!!!! Cyndi, I didn't realize until after your gifts were purchased, that you like fairies!! You will have to impart some of your wisdom because we keep looking for circles here!!!!

I love to do the exchanges because I love to shop for people. It really seems to pass the time. Our very close friends have just announced that they are pregnant so even though we won't be shopping for the March DTC exchange, we will be shopping for them. Sam also has a package on the way soon - just putting it together!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thank you Marsha, Larry and Courtney!!

For well over a year now, we have been part of our March DTC Secret Pal exchange. This exchange happens every month and we have enjoyed every minute!!! I have changed from a person who was terrified of going shopping in the "baby" section of stores to a person who enjoys the shopping and chatting with other Moms!! Not to mention the building of friendships with our pals that I hope will last. It is such a personal thing to shop for a couple and their child that you cannot help but imagine them using or wearing the items you have so carefully chosen. I am sad to say that we have found that time has just not allowed us to be the kind of pals that we aspire to be and we have decided not to continue with the monthly exchanges.
Our last pals for the March DTC exchange are a wonderful family of three who are waiting for Nora to join them. Marsha has been so generous and as
you can see by the photo, she has done a wonderful job of choosing goodies for both the February (cooking) and March (rainy days) themes. She has even included a few ladybugs!!! Thank you so much for the great cookbooks, outfits, cooking toys, raincoat and boots, toys and other goodies. Your letter was very kind too!!!!! It has been a pleasure to be part of this exchange and we are going to miss it but hopefully we will have Isabel home this year to enjoy all of these wonderful gifts that she has received!!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008


I was reading Little Maple's Mom's blog and she was discussing signs. I do believe in signs and I have been open to experiencing them for some time. So today, Shawn and I were discussing being a single income family and right at the moment I said that it would be a wonderful thing, two bubbles floated by our living room windows. They were so pretty and when we looked outside (we thought that our neighbor's daughters might have been playing in the yard), we couldn't find their origins. Hmnnn, a good sign I would say!!
This past week has been a particularly difficult week at work for a variety of reasons which include grievances against my department (read: Me, as department head), infighting and ill co-workers (read: LOTS of extra work for Kristine). Ugh. I am really finished with this career and can't wait for our daughter to come home. There are jobs popping up all around me but I don't want to start something new as my job is all about relationship building blah, blah, blah... and to only be in a new position for 8 months tops, just wouldn't bring me any job satisfaction. So, I stay put and bide my time. I digress...
Oh yes, so on the worst day of this week, I notice that one of my diamonds is missing from my wedding band:( When we took it in that evening to get it fixed, the salesperson showed us a beautiful new ring and Shawn decided that I should have it. Ahhh. Then we went on to do more shopping and my favorite perfume that we haven't been able to find was at Sears of all places (our microwave died and we were looking for a replacement) and Shawn decided that I should have that too. Soooo sweet.
Signs. Well I put a number of financial plans that we had made into action this past week and then we get the bubble signs. My work week is the worst week but the loss of a diamond in my ring allows for Shawn to spoil me with a beautiful new ring and my fav perfume. A sign that good can come out of sadness (I was REALLY upset to find that diamond missing).
Can't wait to see what this next week holds... hopefully some good signs!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A thought...

My friend Kathy and I were out for lunch today at JJ Noodle House and we both had the giant prawn szechuan garlic noodle soup for lunch. YUMMY!!! We were talking about a variety of things and then I said, hmmnn, hope that my girl is spicy!!! We then had a good conversation about the different provinces in China. Just wanted to record this as it was very spontaneous because lately my mind has wandered away from our adoption.
As well, we have 56 LID days in front of us now - it looks good for a fall referral but as always I will have to see it to believe it!!!
Oh and happy 2 year LIDversary to us, a little late.