Monday, August 20, 2007

Red Thread Moments...

Ok, so I have had many red thread moments this past week and weekend. I don't want to list everything on the blog but there have been some amazing things happening in our little world. I am thinking and hoping that Isabel has been born and that she is being cared for!! As I keep saying, the timing would be right for a referral in February or March 2008. We just want to go to China and return before the Olympics!!!!!

I spent the weekend with our seven year old friend Baxter, his Dad and my sewing machine. A very busy weekend but I was able to organize, sort and complete many of my sewing projects. I REALLY want to get started on Isabel's quilt but feel like I need to finish the pile of little projects before I start this larger one!!!

We are also going to start moving things around in our house as we found out last week that moving isn't an option we are willing to entertain. I really can't see paying twice the mortgage payment for a larger backyard and a few extra hundred square feet. Housing prices here are crazy and we want to stay downtown so we will pay more. Half a million for a 1500 square foot house and small yard or three bedroom townhouse condo without a yard!! Oh well, Isabel with have to make do with the pool/rec centre and playground two blocks away!!! I love the fact that we can walk down to the inner harbour and enjoy our beautiful city on a summer afternoon/evening. As I always say, c'est la vie!!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

It's Channing Day!!!!!!!!

Kim finally has her darling girl in her arms. Go on over and congratulate her if you haven't already!!! Click here to send your best wishes!! Soooooo happy for both but a little sad for what Channing is going through in the transition...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

For interest sake,

I went back to this day last year to see what I had posted. Hmnn, funny how some things never change. Even after a year of reading, learning and great discussion we still feel the very same way. My only thoughts were that it needed some serious editing but then, when I write from the heart I like to leave those emotions on the page... if you are interested in my opinions on international adoption, click here.

Ok, now we are being spoiled!!!!!

I joined a yahoo group called "Waiting for our first child from China" and got involved with a quarterly cyber-shower swap there. What can I say!! I love to shop for other people!!
So, our first gift arrived today and the theme was "Fun in the Sun". I can't believe that Isabel has another gorgeous cover up and bathing suit!! I swear, I really looked everywhere for one here and couldn't find what I wanted. My pals are from the US and you guys must have such a better selection there!!!!
I want to thank our pal for the cute little outfit, the adorable sunglasses with a butterfly on them!! Imagine that!!! As well, she sent some loverly toys, sun screen for babes (and I mean BABES!!) and a cute little hat with a strap, which is much appreciated in this windy corner of the world. Yes, there is Camie again, she is such a photo hog!!!
Thank you sooo much, Isabel is truly a lucky little girl!!

Just when I thought...

that there was nothing to post about, our March DTC secret pal has sent us our July and August theme gifts!!! We both adore the little bikini and yes, Shawn did think it was a little racy!! The butterfly kisses tshirt is THE BEST t-shirt ever!!! So cute. I can't get over the terry-cloth robe!! I was looking everywhere for one this summer and couldn't find one that I liked anywhere!! This one is just adorable and I can just see Isabel in it. We will take your advice about the baby pool at the Ocean and I am sure that Isabel will love playing in the sand with her new toys. I also LOVE the princess hat, outfit and goodies. No problem about changing the theme from crafts - I can't wait to make the magic castle cake for Isabel!!!! I also can't believe that you sent such a special book!! Just beautiful. Camie was very upset and had to get into the picture because I didn't giver her the immediate attention she is used to!! What a girl...
Again, thank you for your kindness, generosity and wonderful surprises. It means so much to know that there are real people out there who are also enduring this long wait!!

Not much to post about...

I guess that I feel this way because this blog is about our adoption journey and really, there hasn't been much going on in the past months. With the wait times increasing each month, our daughter seems farther and farther away. I know that we have just completed 17 months of waiting which is great but who knows how many more there are to come. We are not switching programs and are in this for the long haul but focusing on the wait has not been a good thing for me. So, although I am reading blogs and keeping in touch with the goings on (yea August referrals!!!), I just don't have much to post about so I thought that I would post about this!! Happy August!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 months...

who woulda thought!!! Thanks for the reminder Sam!!! Yep, this day marks 17 months that our dossier has been logged into the CCAA computer. Yikes!!

On another more positive topic, a fellow Marching Panda has started a little business on her blog. Check out Dianne's creations. Just soo very cute!!!