Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Autumn Festival!!

I received this today from a friend in China. Karin wishes everyone all the mooncakes that they can enjoy!! We shared one last night and will enjoy the others down at the Ocean, watching the moon rise (not that we don't do this with every full moon!!). Ah, what a beautiful time of year. I love the customs and stories that surround this holiday. If you are interested in it, check it out here. As for moon cakes, we like the nut, single yolk version. Another friend told me today that all mooncakes have five elements that represent the five senses and are therefore good luck to eat.
To echo Karin's words - we hope that you all enjoy all the mooncakes you can!!!! Happy Mid Autumn Moon Festival!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thank you Sam!!!

Sam's little care package arrived days ago and I haven't had the chance to say a HUGE thank you on the blog. She sent Pocky sticks (YUMMMY!!), a beautiful little fish, a really neat hot pink (my fav colour) "Not Your Bag" luggage tag and a great magnet about perseverance. I so appreciated your kindness. It came at a time when I REALLY needed a pick me up!!!!!!!
It has been a difficult week for many reasons, just one being this horrible wait. I looked at our ticker and I can't believe that we are so close to 24 months. When I chose it, I didn't even think we would get to the 24 month stage and now I may have to find a longer one. Who knows though, in this game, you can never tell.
Now to book Shawn's Vegas hotel. He is going to our good friend's wedding in October and I have to stay home with the cat (yes we have thought of all of our options and no, there is no one who can take care of a geriatric cat - you have to live with her, cuddle her LOTS and clean up after her episodes etc etc). My choice to stay home because Gary is like Shawn's little brother but I am still a little bummed about missing the big event. C'est la vie!!
Have a great weekend!!! We are guest free and work free - woohoo!!!!

Disclaimer to our guests: we do LOVE having everyone but we have had guests almost every weekend and some weeks since the beginning of May. We do LOVE you all very much and are glad that you enjoy our humble little abode so much!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I found this...

0n Shannon's blog. Tooooo funny.

It's Sophie Day!!!!

Go on over (if you haven't already!!) and have a peek at the TBG happenings gang with their new daughter Sophie!!!!! So excited for Maryellen and family!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and I have a request. A very very dear old friend and her husband had their surrogate implanted with two embryos last week. Please send white light, healing energy, prayers, whatever you can to this wonderful family. They have had so much loss in their lives (including their daughter) and I just can't imagine any family who deserves a child more. Thanks.

A Few Thoughts...

I have been hearing a number of stories of loss recently in the adoption community. People have lost family members, furbabies and friends that they hoped would have been part of their new child's life. I think this is the real tragedy of our wait for our children. One of the gals in my DTC group lost her Grandmother recently and I shed a few tears reading her words. I remember when my Grandma S died (ten years ago today!!) and I was devastated that she would never know my children. I know that her death put my life into fast forward!! We started to plan our wedding, children and our life in BC. I was so sad when my Grandma C died a year later and missed our wedding by a few months. It was so VERY hard. With Camie our kitty, being 19 years old, I am worried about how a little child will interact with her (she is fragile) but then I worry more that we will lose her and be dealing with grief when we meet Isabel!! I only wish that we had the power to pur our wait into "fast forward" now!!! As we wait, life continues and even though I know that we have no control, I still feel so very sad to think of all of the special people and animals in our lives that won't have a chance to meet our darling children.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ah, September....

I do love this time of year. Autumn is my favorite time to get cozy and comfortable. I put the fire on, light the candles and listen to the wind howl outside. It has rained all weekend here so it feels like Autumn is already here...

That is ok because our last summer long weekend was a bust!! Shawn had to work, our weekend guest V got really sick with a bad cold/fever and I had too many tini's of Friday night to be of any use to anyone!!!! We went to a fun and interesting party with friends but I am certainly feeling my age these days. I used to get up and go to work after a night like that but no more!! I couldn't even get out of bed until noon the next day!!! Ah well, off to the next phase of life, motherhood!!! When exactly that will be, is any one's guess!!!

I am happy (I know that many AP's are pretty upset) that the CCAA referred up to November 25th. I was thinking that it might be a two day referral so four days was a huge relief. There were rumours floating around that they may go into December but I just couldn't see it. So, I am sad that our wait has extended again but happy that at least we are still moving forward.

Oh, and I wanted to recommend a book called "Buy, Buy Baby". It has been a very interesting read so far. I don't necessarily agree with all of the ideas the author suggests but it is enlightening!!

18 months...

WOW!!! Our 18 month LIDversary. Had a few to many 'tini's last night to write much more. Here's hoping that next week will bring December referrals!!!