Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A brief post to say THANK YOU!!!

to my Marching Panda secret pal Maryellen over at
TBG Happenings . She revealed herself in this, the last of her gifts and I COMPLETELY understand why she has dropped out of the exchange, she has her Sophie home!!!!!!! I was sad to hear that my pal was dropping out but Maryellen, you have the best reason EVER!!!!

Maryellen, I do think that we are kindred spirits!! Those UTube selections that you posted brought back so many memories!!! I can't tell you how happy I was to find that you were our pals as I feel as though I already kind of know you all!! It has been a wonderful exchange, you have been incredibly generous and we adore each and every gift that you have chosen for us and for Isabel.

So, onto the final gifts. HOLY S**T is all I can say. I can't believe that you found the"Free to Be You and Me" DVD!!!!!!!!!!!! That made my day. You didn't have to send ANYTHING else!!! But of course, you sent a wonderful ladybug plate set, kitty cat apron, "lovebug" bibs, adorable little white shoes and sunshine baby toys for Isabel. I love the little Cabbage Patch doll as well as the beautiful doll that came from China!! The little Panda wall hanging and the book "Somewhere in China a Mother Remembers" also came from the same store I believe. The store is called "A Gift from China" and the sticker says that the sale of these products will help support many disadvantaged children throughout China. Okay, these gifts brought a tear to my eye, especially the book!!! Now, the squeaky shoes are already driving Shawn mad!! Can't wait until Isabel is wearing them!! Thank you so much for the books, I love my books and you always seem to send such good ones!!! Oh, and I really appreciate the photo of your family. I want to be able to show Isabel who you all are!!! Who knows, you may not be blogging by the time we get a referral!!
So Maryellen, thank you for being such a great pal and even though I don't feel like posting much these days, I had to say THANK YOU for all of your kind words and your generous heart. We wish you all the very best and maybe someday we will meet!! You are all welcome here in Victoria, a lovely city to visit!!!!!


Doris & Dan said...

What an awesome secret pal! I have eagerly waiting to see who your SP is. I have kept her addy since she sent me that surprise tshirt so many months ago. She is a special lady!

Keep smilin!

TBG Happenings said...

LOL I made you swear!! You have been sooo much fun to buy for! Don't worry I will be around when you get your Isabel....I wouldn't miss that moment for anything! I am so glad that you liked everything. I couldn't wait to give you the DVD, too funny! The doll,book and squeaky shoes were bought when we were in China just a few weeks ago!I would have loved to stay in the secret pal game,but after our family trip to China I'm BROKE! LOL Please please stay in touch with us. You can email me from our blog or from our yahoo board.And you never know we might just show up at your front door....I have you address!!

Best Wishes Friend!

amy said...

What wonderful gifts!!

sea star said...

The gifts rock and so does Maryellen!

Jeff and Michelle said...

Wow! This must have made your day! What a wonderful secret pal!