Sunday, May 28, 2006

100 Good Wishes

For anyone who tried to leave a comment, I am sorry. We are so new at this and I have changed the setting so you should be able to now. I had a few emails from people who had tried. I had to add this photo as this I am typing with one hand with Camie on my lap right now!!
For those of you who have asked about the "100 Good Wishes" quilt, it is Chinese tradition in Northern China. I have a volunteer right now who is from that part of China. She explained that not only do they create quilts but they also make food and deliver it to the new family with their special wishes. This makes sense to me as a new mother really doesn't have that much time to cook!!
In my family, I have made special quilts for each of my nephews and niece(s?). My sister is expecting at the end of June but we are not sure the sex of the baby yet. I think that my niece Emma, would love a little sister but only time will tell. I had just finished the new baby's quilt and washed the material for Isabel's quilt however, just before I started to put it together, I read about the 100 Wishes quilts. I had no idea that they existed but it all seemed just so perfect.
So, my request goes out to family and friends. To welcome and celebrate the new member of our family I am requesting pieces of fabric from each of you. Along with the fabric please enclose a card with a wish and a piece of the fabric attached. Your wish can be a simple sentiment, a favorite quote, a poem or lyrics from a song. The fabric can be new or from something you already own and it can be of any size. The idea is that Isabel will be surrounded by all of your love and wishes when she is wrapped up in her quilt. It is an incredible testament to how much she is loved and wanted. If you have any questions, please let us know. This and the renos should keep us busy for a while!! We are looking forward to all of your thoughts and wishes!!


Liam & Sherry said...

Hi Kristine and Shawn

We are Liam and Sherry-Lou from Regina. I linked to your blog from the post on FOI families. Although there was an error on the link you posted. You might want to check the syntax. Anyway we too are paperchasing for our first daughter and are also making a quilt for Olivia. We would love to swap a square and wish with you if you are interested. There is an e-mail link to us off of our blog. Just link back from this post. Best wishes and look forward to hearing from you.

Liam and Sherry-Lou

Anonymous said...


Julie said...

Hi Kristine

I can't seem to get to your email link, but if you'd like to trade squares, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

Julie said...


I didn't save your email (again!) however I wanted to say thank you for the wish and the fabric. I also wanted to say you have the most lovely handwriting! You should make it into a font, it is so pretty. My cursive is horrible so I have to print everything!

Thanks again!