Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sad day...

Today seems like a "sad" day. Reading the rumors out there are enough to drive a person crazy!! We are so used to having control of our own destinies. When a woman is pregnant she has control over how she treats her body and some control over the outcome. At least there is a timeline that you can pretty much follow. In this process, the timelines are jumping all over the place. We have no idea when we will get to China and our daughter. The guess now is 12 months from LID to referral. We shall see. I just wish that we hadn't told anyone!! When we started the process, it was a six month wait and we felt that we needed to tell people. Now the wait is indefinite and instead of that excited answer "we are going very soon!!" when people inevitably ask, it is the stock answer of "we aren't sure, maybe another year, maybe longer!!". All of that said, we will get there.
It is really a "sad" day because two of my close friends from childhood have lost very close family members in the last two weeks. There is a memorial service today for my friend's uncle and we wish we could be there. Living so far away, it is difficult to give you both the kind of support that we would like to but you are in our thoughts every day. We love you guys.
So, we are almost at the three month point of waiting (tomorrow) which is great. Every day is one day closer to going to China. We are renovating and getting ready for the new addition in our lives!! We hope that there are not too many "sad days" ahead.

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