Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

This picture has in it Isabel's Easter gifts and the cushion cover that Anita and Bengy gave our little girl. I have all of the windows wide open and the sun is shining, what a beautiful day!! It is strange to have these gifts because we don't purchase Christmas gifts for Isabel but I guess that the Easter goodies are soooo cute that I can't resist!! The bunny egg plate I purchased last year, thinking that we would be making eggs this year. Guess not. This year I purchased the bunny because she is soooo soft and adorable. She is a ty beanie baby and she has a "squishy" stomach that is just tooooo fun to cuddle. I can't wait for Isabel to hold her. Now I KNOW that her eyes may be dangerous and the scarf may have to be removed but still, she is the sweetest little bunny ever - just like our little bunny will be!!! I think that I have mentioned that Shawn's pet name for me is "bunny rabbit" or "kitten" so I am sure Isabel will be "little bunny" or something like that. Camie's pet name is "rooster" because she gets us up at the crack of dawn by howling for food - for the past 19 years!!!! Believe me, you can't ignore her, she just gets louder and then comes and licks your eyelids!! What a cat but I digress, just wanted to say Happy Easter!!!!!


Elizabeth said...

I love the fabric on that pillow. So lovely. And your cat; funny. I have always had cats and they are so funny, in an 'if I could catch you I'd skin you' way. I think daily I tell my annoying cat how much I don't like her, this is of course while I am cuddling her and kissing her.

C.J. said...

Happy Easter to you as well.

Cats...they are their own special gig aren't they?

Mrs. Vandertramp said...

Happy Easter thoughts being sent your way as well!