Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Ok, just when I feel like crying, gifts arrive in the mail from afar that make me smile. Yesterday, we had a wonderful package from Sam (I am REALLY holding back as I would love to build the house, Shawn just asked if we were going to!!!). Oh and Shawn LOVED the chocolate. Yep, he ate them all but two. He said that he was Isabel's Dad so they were for him too!! What a nut!!
I am a member of a group where we are all first time parents and I joined a Secret Santa exchange because I LOVE to shop and give. It is also really neat that someone thought of us and sent us gifts too. So, our gifts arrived today from our Santas Karen and Kevin from Guelph Ontario. You must have really done your homework because your gifts were bang on!!! Check out the goodies and they were all wrapped in the cutest Santa paper (which didn't last long)!!
After the super cute card with the nicest sentiments, I opened the Jazz Cd first which is playing right now!! I then opened all the great Children's Christmas books. What a collection!! Then, with Shawn holding Camie and watching I opened her little gift of balls. She is down on the floor playing with them now. I opened the bath goodies (cool flavours!!!), chocolate (dark my fav)and white tea (which I haven't tried yet but am excited to!!!). The little bear is so very cute !! So, the last gift I opened was the most beautiful dress and yep, I had a tear in my. It is GORGEOUS and this photo doesn't do it justice!! Thank you so much Karen and Kevin, you are pretty wonderful Secret Santas!! Wish wish you a very Merry Christmas!!


TBG Happenings said...

Love getting gifts in the mail:)

Thanks so much for all of the great things you sent the entire TBG gang! I swear I will post as soon as i can.

merry christmas friend!

Dan & Kelly said...

Wow! That looks like an amazing array of gifts!

All the best this holiday season!