Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's been three months...

since we were put into the computer in China. This means that we have possibly, 9 more months to wait for our referral!! Very exciting. There was a posting on one of the groups that we belong to and I really liked what they had to say about the wait. The four seasons, just like Vivaldi's beautiful compositions. First, summer. Lazy summer days and long nights with all the great activities, holidays and festivals that we can attend all summer long. Not to mention the renovations we are doing on our condo!! Then the fall, celebrating the harvest, walking in the falling leaves and celebrating Thanksgiving. Then for me, the busy season both at work and at home. From mid-October to January, the time flies by - with Bazaars, parties and the holiday season. Then the winter where we will be very close to referral (we hope!!). We also celebrate our anniversary, birthdays and Valentines' Day!! Next, spring comes around again and we will be getting ready to have Isabel officially come join our family. So, put that way, the wait doesn't seem that long. June is here faster than we thought it would be and we are looking forward to all of the quilt swaps, secret pal exchanges and exciting changes that will happen over the next year!!

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