Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Holidays!!!

Here at our house we celebrated the Moon Festival on Friday night and tomorrow we eat turkey - lots of it with yummy stuffing (made with my homemade gluten-free bread, have I mentioned that I am a Celiac?), squash, carrots, yams and pumpkin pie (again with a homemade gluten-free pie crust!!). Thanksgiving is super, especially for Camie who ADORES turkey. Last weekend a friend of mine who is a caterer was catering a wedding (for another friend's daughter)and was desperate for turkey cookers. I volunteered to roast one and Camie lost her mind!!! I had to give her a little bit of it, poor thing.

As for our first holiday, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival with our friend Glenn. We went out and had Chinese Food then down to the Ocean with our moon stories and moon cakes (thank you secret pal!!). We opened the moon roof (sun roof!!) and cut the cakes into quarters and enjoyed ALL of the cakes (the mixed nuts were amazing) under the light of the brilliant full moon. We then told the Chinese Moon stories (which I have made into a book) and our own full moon stories. After this we felt like tea so we went downtown to a Chinese restaurant and ordered hot & sour soup (it was cold down by the water!!) and jasmine tea. What a great night we had and it was really special for us to have our old friend Glenn join us (his wife and son are in Hawaii on holiday right now) as we will do this again year after year!!

I am off to make lemon cheesecake with ginger cookie crust to go with the curry chicken and rice cooking in the crockpot right now. Yummy on a cold and rainy autumn kind of day!!! Did I mention that I bought a kitchenaid mixer off of the tv after a few glasses of wine (that is another story!!) and am now ADDICTED to it!! So Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian friends and family, hope that you enjoy your turkey!!

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Janet said...

ooohhhh, a kitchen aid mixer, you say? I would LOVE one of those. Big time hinting at it for Christmas.....

Janet T.