Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thank you to my Secret Pal!!!

Well, she has done it again. Before I say anything, I have to say I LOVE THE FISH!!! I couldn't stop laughing and playing with it. Shawn thinks I am crazy, maybe I am, but it was just so fun. Camie loved her gift and the ladybug book and bug toy are just too cute. The chocolates are much appreciated as are your kind words and lovely card.
Now, I am embarrassed to say that I am not sure who the Mooncakes are from. The enclosed card said "your secret pal" but since I am involved in both the Feb and March secret pal exchanges I am unsure of which one of you sent them... They are MUCH appreciated though as we have a little celebration planned (including take-out from our favorite Chinese Food restaurant as well as an evening at the ocean watching the moon rise, telling the tales of the Moon Festival and I WAS going to buy some Mooncakes but now we have the assorted tin - YUMMY!!). So thank you so much but please let me know who sent them. I know that they are dear (Canadian for expensive) and we do so appreciate your thought!! Speaking of Camie and toys, I had to show you this picture of our Camie, she is really a Yoga kinda kitty!! She loves our Yoga mats and when we have our classes (our teacher is a friend who comes over), she is always involved. I guess that is why she is a healthy 18 1/2 and still going strong (or it could be the raw food diet that I make or the many hours of lying on her kooshie by the fire or...) We love our kitty!!


Connie said...

Nice pal!

Camie does seem to have it made in the shade. :0)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that it finally arrived! And I think your March pal gets credit for the moon cakes. Do you really get in-house yoga instruction? Lucky duck!

your Feb Secret Pal

Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged! Enjoy the moon cakes and the the full moon on Friday :)

Your Marching Panda Secret Pal :)

Janet said...

We love our kitties here, too! Your kitty looks like such a happy one! Great secret pal gifts!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Love the fish too!

Nice gifts.

Keep smilin!