Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I have noticed that I am not writing very often these days. This is probably due to the crazy work schedule - taking care of two departments, being on-call and having one of my staff members off with a back injury while one of the others is off on maternity leave. HELP!!! So yea, haven't been writing here often, reading though!!
The other situation that happened was the report from our agency almost a week ago about the wait time. On Saturday, I had a little cry. I have never felt that I was sad that I won't have my own biological child but I felt very sad that we may never have a child at all. I know, I know, we will go to China, we will meet our daughter and build our family but it just FEELS like we won't sometimes. This wait is ok but another year is so far away after waiting for 7 years to have our child already!! Shawn suggested that I walk away from the computer for a little while and take a break, focus on something else in my very "little" spare time. So I am. Here's hoping that the wait time speeds up just a little so we don't have to wait the dreaded 24 months!!!


Connie said...

Welcome back!

Hey, have a little cry once in a while and let off that pent up worry. Beats out a major meltdown anyday.

I know that one from experience.

I am SO not hanging with the 24 month thing,

Mommy-To-Channing said...

Ohh girl!!! I know this WAIT feels like forever but once we are in China and have our little girls in our arms it will all be worth it!!
I too have found myself away from the computer lately, but it must be becuase we are WAITING and nothing really to report. But dont leave us (for long)...we need to check in with eachother.
Have you started your quilt? We started mine yesterday, so I'll post pictures of day 1.
Also my FIX right now is RETAIL REALLY helps with the wait. I sure hope Channing will get to wear everything I bought her...I'm a little worried since I'm in the WC Program....oh well I may have some great baby
Hang in there my friend!!

Mommy-To-Channing said...

Hey Kris,
How are you doing?? I'm a missing you!!!