Thursday, July 19, 2007

Congratulations Ms. Dragonfly!!!

Oh my, Ms Dragonfly !!!! What a wonderful week. New book and NEW BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!! Grace Ryan is absolutely precious!! If you didn't already know this, Elizabeth is a published author and you can find the link to purchase her first book right here. Isn't the title page just the cutest!! It is just so amazing when referrals arrive and those of us still waiting can share in the joy!!!!!


amy said...

I cant wait to check that out..Thats really cute..thanks for sharing with us!

Janet said...

I am so happy for her too!

Ms. Dragonfly said...

Hey! Thanks so very much!
You are too sweet!
I am going to make another post about my book. I know the price is steep, but I want other's to know after everything is said and done I don't take much of it home. I wanted to fundraise my adoption with it.
Thanks for helping me out by posting this. You're awesome support!

tracy said...

Very exciting for her indeed!