Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Remembrance Day?

I am never sure if I should actually say this because it isn't really a happy day. It is a day to honour those who gave their lives for our freedom (and that was a real threat in both WWI and WWII). We also remember so that we don't forget the horrors of war. With our troops in Afghanistan coming home in body bags, it is hard not to remember. What we don't have right now is the rationing, the blackouts and the majority don't have the constant fear for our own loved ones or the boy next door going overseas and being on "the Lists" of KIA or MIA. Some people do have this fear but it is not as widespread as it was all those years ago.
I work with seniors and veterans and I can tell you that a normally happy go lucky person, turns into an introspective individual on this day. People are caught up in memories of family and friends who fell as well as remember their own experiences. I was actually reading a story to a group of ladies and broke into tears myself when I looked up to see three of them crying their hearts out. I couldn't finish the story, another lady took over and did it for us. The service is always a sad and difficult one to be a part of. I have been able to shirk my duties as a "reader" because of my teary self!! That comes from my GrandmaS who would "Crytalk" through emotional stories. These could be stories of neighbors doing a kindness for one another, a newspaper story of a gallant act or talking about the love of her family. When I was little I would cry a little with her but as I got older, I learned to talk to her normally while she told the story. So, I guess what I am saying is that yes it is a very sad day and it ALWAYS rains (and not just here in Victoria!!).
So, do you say "Happy Remembrance Day"? I still don't know but what I do know is that the Canadian Forces have some of the best people in the world and that I am proud to know many of them. Whether or not I agree with what is going on in the world right now, is another story...

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Rhonda said...

Beautifully put.

It's wonderful that you work with seniors and do such a meaningful service with AND for them. I know people don't do things like this for the accolades, but it really is a good thing and you should be commended.