Sunday, August 06, 2006

Isabel's lifebook

I am starting to put together Isabel's lifebook - right now I am just finding supplies and ideas are rolling around in my head. I can start with the items from our side - the journal I am writing for her now, the paperchase we went through, the wait time - and prepare the other pages so that I can enter the information when it arrives. I am hoping that in the journal, I will have written something special on her birthday so that we can share that day even though we will not be together. We do know however, that her birthday (unless her birth mom leaves a note that states the actual day) is a guess but that doesn't matter to us. It is still her special day. A big thank-you to Kay at Hanazono for her suggestion of a journal to write in. I am doing an online version but I would also like to have one in my own handwriting for Isabel.

I am also very excited because I found a beautiful white scrapbook to put all of the quilt square messages in. It is plain white and will offset all of the gorgeous colours and fabrics beautifully. I am a notorious white lover. I have white walls, pale yellow and white furniture with hints of blue and green in my living room. We have painted our fireplace wall a lovely golden yellow and it really shows off a gorgeous Asian print in a gilded gold frame, the crystal candle holders that were my great-grandmother's and the roses in petit silver pots that I adore. I also love primary colours, imagine that!! Isabel's book will be full of beautiful colour and stories just for her. I have a "School Days" book as do my siblings, that my mother put together for us each year with a picture, special artwork, birthday cards, our report cards etc. It means so much to me now and my hope is that Isabel will treasure her lifebook too. Don't worry, I am also going to do the "School Days" book for her as well!!

So, I have ordered a kit to help me along in this process. I love doing all of these things, it just makes me feel as though we are closer to becoming a family. At first, when the wait times started to increase, I was devastated but now I am happy in a way because it gives me so much time to prepare and create all of these lovely things for Isabel. I am almost done with the advent calendar (see previous posts) and am starting to think about working on another quilt that I bought years ago, in hopes of making it for my daughter. I love summer and summer projects!!


Connie said...

The scrapping thing is pretty addicting. I am very new to it but I've gathered quite the goods and am getting more creative every time I pull things out to work on!

Who knew? I never thought I would enjoy the scrapping gig.

Kay/Hanazono said...

It's so neat that you're doing this for Isabel! You are inspiring me to get back in the habit of writing in our adoption journal :)

Doris & Dan Clark said...

I too have started in the same way as you! Nothing on paper but I have the book and ideas floating around.

Hopefully, the fall is when I will get it in gear!

Keep smilin!

Janet said...

That sounds wonderful! She will treasure it forever!

Janet T.