Sunday, August 27, 2006

Update on Rumours and Dragon Boats

A quick note. Referrals came in last Friday, they have matched to July 22nd of 2005. The wait is increasing and we are looking at a longer wait time. Lots of time to finish the renovations and save more money!! On the upside, everyone at work will be relieved and I can plan on being there next summer for all of the fun and special activities. Just wanted to share a few more photos,
Shawn took these down at the dragon boat races last weekend. We were entranced by the performers and there were thousands of lanterns!!! Our local grocery chain Fairway has been selling them for weeks, you add your name and message and then all the money is donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. In fact, that is where all the money from this huge event went!! The military actually donated miles of tents for the weekend and it was really a spectacular show with the races, two stages of entertainment and lots of shopping and food. It was great!!


Connie said...

Very cool! I have been so many beautiful lanterns lately that I am going to figure a way to incorporate some into my decor! I love them :0)

Looks like you had a very nice day for the festivities :0)

kayce said...

Hey Kristine! Got my square....LOVED it!!! Thank you! Your additude about the wait extension is the same as ours. Our hearts break every month, but then we are releived to be able to pay off more debt, save more money and put in another new window!

UMMMM... I should post some before and afters on my site????? UMMMM.......

Thanks agian for the fabric!

Janet said...

I wish we had dragon boat festivals here! (near Edmonton!) They look like so much fun! And the lanterns.... beautiful!!!!!

Shannon said...

Wow! Great photos! Sounds like a very cool thing to attend.

Liam & Sherry said...

Hi Kristine and Shawn

Looks like great fun. Regina's dragon boat festival is coming up this weekend. Its always great fun to watch. Thanks very much for the Anniversary wishes.

Enjoy the rest of your summer before its gone!!

Liam and Sherry-Lou

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Those are some lovely photos. Looks like a wonderful event.

Keep smilin!