Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We are five months into the wait

Camie Cat is calling me to bed so this is a quick post but we are now officially five months into our wait as of yesterday. The last referrals went out last Friday and they were for people with Lock In Date's up to July 13, 2005. There is a lot of speculation out there that they will finish July and get through all of the August LID's in August. That would be great because that would mean that it is still a 12 month wait for us. Longer than the 8 months when we started this process but not the dreaded 24 months that some people were predicting. It is a "wait and see" situation. As I have said many times before, we have absolutely no control over this process!!
What I can control is my spending and I will take a picture of my purchase this week. It is an inflatable kitty stool that was too cute to pass up. It was a little more than 10.00 with tax so I am going to have to count it into this week's purchase as well. Too bad, no shopping this week :(
In other news, all of my quilt squares for both of the swaps have been mailed. My secret pal gifts for August have been purchased and I have found socks for the sock swap that I am involved in. I am sending my first pair of socks in the swap to Australia. How cool is that!! I was saying to Shawn that 10 years ago, we wouldn't have made these connections with people and the research that we are doing would have been much more labour intensive i.e. visiting the library regularly (not that we don't now!) and lugging books around. It is really great to have this whole community online and we are learning so much!! Ohh, gotta go, kitty is calling...


Connie said...

I admire you being so shopping-disciplined.

I'm very thankful to have this online community sharing the journey. It's one example of technology being used for GOOD things.

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Yeah...5 months down! One more step closer!

I hear ya on the spending! Gotta be good and put the wallet away! But sometimes, it HAS to come out for that special item!

Keep smilin!