Sunday, August 27, 2006


This is mainly for family and friends who have been asking about our renovations. This first picture is of the vinyl flooring going down in the kitchen. We wanted to do the laminate but being a corner unit, we had the problem of a level floor. The time and money just didn't seem worth it, so we chose this and really like it. The tones go really well with our laminate wood flooring and it has the "look" of ceramic but the warmth and durability of vinyl.
This second photo
is a composite of the new kitchen countertops. It is called Portico Marble and is a very neutral colour that goes beautifully with the new floor.
The third photo
is an example of the basswood blinds that we ordered and put on all of our windows. We LOVE them. They are clean, fresh and so much better than the crappy old builders metal miniblinds that were up. We looked for over a year for these and almost compromised and purchased the "faux wood" ones but we found these at a great deal and put them up over the last two weeks.
So, I will post pictures of the finished articles. Right now, all of the owners are helping to paint the exterior of our building to save money for our Strata. It is so fun and the colour is a gorgeous deep red. It goes really well with all of the new street lights that our little community association has put up. Our neighborhood is on an "upswing" and that's why we bought here two years ago. Our property has increased in value by 75%!! Looking forward to having everything done, off to hold the ladder for Shawn!!

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