Monday, September 04, 2006

I've been tagged!!

Heather has tagged me. I have to think of SEVEN things for each of these categories? Too much thinking for sleep deprived girl...Yikes...
Here goes...

7 things I want to do without dying of embarrassment
1. Sing Kareoke without having a drink first!!
2. Dance in the street to a great busker downtown on a busy night, again without having a drink first!!
3. Tell someone off who really deserves it!!
4. Explain a scientific fact to someone.
5. Speak some Mandarin in China (had a bad experience as a kid trying to speak French in Quebec while on exchange!!)

I can't think of anything else and I have really tried!!!!

7 things I cannot do in the Summer
1. Run around in shorts - really, I love skirts!!!
2. Wear my cute pink coat - it's too hot but I LOVE that coat!!
3. Take time off from work.
4. Visit my family in the East - it is waaayyyy too hot and humid there!!
5. Swim in the Ocean (although I am dying to but it is just too cold!!)
6. Cuddle up in front of my fireplace and read - you have to get out and enjoy the sunshine!!
7. Find parking anywhere downtown!!!!!!!!

7 things I can do that are meaningless unless you are in JR High
1. Say "like" twenty times in a one minute of conversation.
2. Talk on two phones at once - I hear that they have "conference calling these days!!!
3. Ride my bike hands free for miles.
4. Swear like a sailor.
5. Write silly notes and pass them to co-workers at Management meetings.
6. Stay on the phone with my friends for HOURS.
7. Colour co-ordinate my shoes, purse, clothing, nail colour and hair accessories. Yes, I am a girl.

7 things that attracted me to my house.
1. The community spirit of our strata.
2. The window over the sink in the kitchen.
3. The ensuit only has a neat shower stall and not a tub.
4. The huge windows in our living room, bedrooms and kitchen.
5. Our eat-in kitchen.
6. The fireplace in the living room.
7. The ceramic tile entryway.

7 things I most say when I am crying
1. Stop looking at me!! Camiecat, I need a huggle!!
2. Yes, I am crying again but you have to read this story, it is so sad!!
3. Yes, I am crying again but you have to look at these pictures of this new family; aren't they adorable!!
4. Yes, I am crying again but I am watching "The Notebook" again!!
5. Yes, I am crying again but look at this beautiful baby girl, isn't she just lovely!!!
6. I can't take this job anymore!!
6. Can I have a tissue please!!

7 children's books I am adding to my collection (I already have a really big collection of books, my own and gifts!!!)
1. Goodnight Moon
2. Mommy Far, Mommy Near
3. Moonbeams, Dumplings and Dragon Boats
4. I Love you Like Crazy Cakes
5. The Chronicles of Narnia
6. Any Dr. Suess books
7. You Don't have my Eyes

7 children's movies that I can watch for the bazillionth time without wanting to rip my eyes out of their sockets!!(I may cry though!!)
1. The Secret of Roan Innish
2. The Neverending Story
3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
4. Anne of Green Gables
5. Shrek
6. The Rescuers
7. Charlotte's Web

That WAS a challenge. Hmmnn, who do I want to tag...thinking, about Kayce


Connie said...

Great's amazing the number of things we cannot seem to do without a drink first....or tow in my case ;0)

A bit of a shame because they are FUN things.

kayce said...

Oh you're good! Give me a day.....

Anonymous said...

Please don't buy good night moon!! I already bought it for you !!

Your secret pal :)

that is the only hint you get :)