Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well, I am sitting in the living room beside the stove and fridge because, the new kitchen floor is being installed!!!!!! So excited and it looks great so far. There have been a few hiccups but all in all, not bad. We are such do-it-yourselfers that sitting here and watching someone else do the work is tough. I just couldn't face doing a vinyl floor - let alone moving the toilet in the bathroom. So, now we have to wait for the new countertops and the renovations are complete. We can start to put the artwork back up.
Speaking of Artwork, my sister and I did a really neat print ten years ago when we took a visual arts course together to finish our degrees. I am FINALLY getting one of the copies framed and I am so excited. It is called "Sisters" and is an ink print of the sun and moon. That was a great summer and we had so much fun together. I adore my little sister.
It is a beautiful day and we are going to head downtown to nose around Chinatown for items to celebrate the Moon Festival. We love the moon and spent the last few nights at the beach watching the full moon rise. The festival itself is Oct. 6th and I am hoping to find a moon cake mold so that I can make our own. Shawn loves any kind of bean cake so I thought that we should perfect our recipe this year so that I know how to make them when we (hopefully) celebrate this festival with our daughter next year. Wish us luck because I have heard that the molds are difficult to find as they are passed down from generation to generation!!!


Connie said...

Can't wait to see some pics!!!

tracy said...

That would be great if you could find a mold. Can't wait to find out how it turns out!