Sunday, September 17, 2006


I was at my monthly reflexology session. I LOVE this and it is the one thing that I do for myself. In my job, I am on my feet alot and whether or not reflexology works, I love the hour foot massage. So, to get back to the point, yesterday after my session, I always choose an "Angel Card". These cards have little sayings and advice for the question that you ask when you pull the card. Yesterday, I pulled "birth" for the first time ever, my vague question was about Isabel. The card was all about "new beginnings, new ideas, a new lifestyle". Very nice thoughts but I can't help wondering if our daughter was born this week. Who really knows.
Another interesting "sign" happened on Tuesday. We went to assist Colleen with her home inspection as Bob is still up north on the ferries and she didn't really want to do it alone. The home inspection went really well and the house is great for their family. When we were in the backyard (so big that Shawn wanted to start playing football with the kids immediately!!), a ladybug landed on me and wouldn't leave. Shawn kept trying to pick it off, but it wouldn't go. So, two "signs" this week that things might be happening in the universe. Who knows but I hope that the wheels are turning!!

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Connie said...

I hope the wheels are turning and about to speed up on the tracks!