Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thank you to our March DTC Secret Pal

Thank you so much for your generous gifts this month. I know that you wanted to know more about Shawn but he was so excited to receive the Mandarin Phrase Book and Dictionary. That is right up his alley. He also loved the little flower cap as he wears baseball caps that he irons his favorite badges onto. Isabel will have a hat like Daddy's!!!
We both adore "Guess How Much I Love You" and "Goodnight Moon". We have read both of these books numerous times to the children in our lives. My Grandma used to read "Goodnight Moon" to me and my siblings. We did what your children do - recite it and do the "hush" actions. We also loved that they are in the cardboard book style - they will be coming to China with us!!
I also have to tell you that this is the one Anchee Min book that I haven't read!! I have it on "hold" at the library right now but haven't picked it up yet!! Amazing.
The "Butterfly Garden" is so sweet and the kitty looks just like Camie - it is a lovely story I can't wait to share with Isabel.
Last but certainly not least is the scarf that you knit!! They are my colours!! I have long (halfway down my back) darker blonde curly hair (I mean ringlets, drives me crazy!! and I refuse to dye it a lighter colour until I absolutely have to!!), peaches and cream complexion and blue eyes. Perfect as is the sentiment on the card - I am really trying not to shop anymore!!
Again, thank you so much for your gifts this month. It has been a really difficult time at work and your gifts remind us of what we are working towards - our beautiful daughter coming home!!


Anonymous said...

:) Glad you got everything, and that Shawn liked the mandarin book. I can't believe that you have the Annchee book on hold....freaky!! I hope you have not figured out who I am (LOL) I try not to write too clearly...but due to customs they make me!! Enjoy your gifts, I had fun making your scarf and glad the colors work for you.

Have a great week....lets hope they get in to August!!

Your Secret Pal

Connie said...

You have an awesome and thoughtful pal.

Mommy-To-Channing said...

WOW....your secret pal knows how to shop!! Enjoy the books and I'm sure you'll be using the scarf soon...grrr!!