Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Referrals are in!!!!!

Wooohoo!!!!!!!! Congratulations to everyone who is receiving their child's photos and information today. This is the time when the rest of us celebrate all over the world and search for the new photos of the beautiful children that the CCAA has chosen for each family!! I love the blogging world and have to say that I have already shed a few tears this morning looking at the beautiful photos and reading the new parents joyous words. Have a look here for photos of all of the new referral's coming in. The first blog that I ever read, Pomegranite Pages is now reporting that both J and That Girl are now expecting too!! Soo very exciting.
The referrals went to LID's of August 9th 2005, this month. What this means to us is that the CCAA has referred 18 days of LID's this time and there are people who had a 14 month wait and others who were just over 13 months. Is seems that this is the trend right now. Not too bad. That would mean that our referral would come in May of 2007 if things stay the same.
Again, congratulations to everyone. Even though we are so far away it is so exciting to see everyone else's joy and happiness bursting (and I had to use that word!!)on their websites and blogs!!!

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