Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Divine Miss Em and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy St. Pat's!! I was going to put a few jokes that my Dad told me in this post but all you have to do is visit Kathy and Joel's blog and you can read them all there!! My Dad is of Irish descent and he tells these jokes with a crazy Irish accent. Too funny!!!
I also want to say Happy Birthday to my favorite Leprechaun, Emma!!! Our one and only niece is 5 today and was receiving calls this morning!! She is just a hoot - my sister Kate and her husband David gave the Divine Miss Em makeup and she is THRILLED!! We gave her a gift card that is in the shape of makeup and comes in a little cardboard "purse". Emma's Uncle Shawn LOVES to buy Emma purses. The cutest one was a little pink poodle that she keeps all of her things in when she goes shopping!! We also sent a "March" china tea cup because she likes to have tea parties and a makeup bag with handcream, bath gel and a few other items. She is such a GIRL just like her Auntie was and is. My sister was not, she was such a tomboy and hated to wear dresses. Emma also looks alot like I did, with big blue eyes and curly blond hair that "has" to be done in different styles. When I was little, my Mom had to do my hair in a different style everyday - not her choice but mine!! When Mom cut my hair short, I used to wear a towel around my head and pretend that I still had long hair. As soon as I had control of my own hair length, it was long and still is past my shoulders. It is a dark blond now that I have decided not to colour it until I have to, but I hope that it just goes white like my Dad's hair is going!! So, Happy Birthday to our favorite niece and I can't wait for Emma to meet her cousin Isabel. I hope that they will be friends forever as neither of them is likely to ever have a beautiful and wonderful sister like I do!!!!!

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Janet said...

That was such a nice post! Happy Birthday to your niece, and Happy "Green" day to you!