Monday, June 19, 2006

And today is...

just another day. I tried very hard to motivate myself to start painting Isabel's room yesterday but household chores just seemed to take up the entire day. I wonder really, if I am making excuses but the laundry has to be done,phone calls made, the kitchen cleaned and the food prepared for the coming week. So I hope not but I had meant to at least tape it off. I think that taking that step will be a big one and I am superstitious. Kind of like when people don't want to do anything for a new baby until it is here. I am justifying the painting of the lavender room by telling myself that even if it doesn't end up being her room, I still really like the colour.

In other more exciting news, my sister is about to have her second baby!! When I was speaking to her yesterday she was uncomfortable and the baby had dropped. Can't wait to hear that the baby has arrived safe and sound. She had a midwife appointment today that she was looking forward to. I think at this stage (she has two due dates, the 23rd and July 1st), she just wants to have that baby. They have their wonderful new home and this baby won't have to start out in the walk-in closet like my dear niece Emma did!! By the way, Kate's baby room is ready to go and the crib is up and ready to receive the new addition. I only hope that four year old Emma will survive the excitement of a new baby at home. She has barely survived the excitement of baby Blake, her cousin, who is now 11 months old. We are thinking of you Katie and hope that everything goes well in the next few weeks. Big hugs from your big sis.

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