Monday, June 12, 2006

It's Monday...

Back to work and back to planning and thinking about the future. We finally have a date for the contractor to come in and finish the floors. Then we will be able to move on to the kitchen (I think!!!). Shawn isn't so sure but I would love ceramic tile like we have in our front foyer area, for the kitchen. We certainly need a new countertop.
So, as for planning the future. I was reading a comment to another blog and the woman wrote that she is "guarding her heart". I have had this conversation myself with a few close friends and family. For anyone who hasn't gone through this kind of uncertainty, think of when you wrote a very important test and then had to wait to see if you passed. If you do, then your whole life will change. These are nailbiting, white knuckle moments. That is what this wait is like, except it is an extended period of time and we don't know when the "test results" aka referral will come. So, you "guard your heart" so you don't go insane.
We are however, planning for Isabel's arrival. We purchased the paint for her room, I have the ideas in my mind of how I will refinish some of our furniture to make it hers BUT I don't know when I will start on these projects. If the wait times miraculously speed up, then I will start this summer. If not, maybe next fall or winter. The problem is that once you get involved in preparing and planning for your child, the wait seems even more excruciating. So, for those people who think "guarding your heart" is a negative thing, I would say that if those of us who are in this situation didn't, we may just go insane. So, I will continue to "guard my heart" until that referral lands in my lap, like a little yellow butterfly.
As an aside- I have seen at least 3 yellow butterflies in the past two days. I couldn't help smiling each time.

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Anonymous said...


I believe that it is always important to guard the heart. It is the very core and essence of you which is to be held in sacred trust and not exposed to danger. Of course, the situation determines the extent and intensity. However, saying that, I do recall a wise Kristine of 20 or so saying that one must experience pain to know joy. So my mode of operating is not yours, darlin'.

Love you and look at the new counter top with forgiveness and joy!!!!! (just for laughs)