Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The room is painted!!!

Well, Isabel's room has been painted a lovely light lavender. It looks gorgeous. Right now it is still the den/computer room but the colour is peaceful and very pretty. We have primed the wardrobe in white and it looks great!!! A friend is lending me a stencil of the lilac's so that I can start with that shortly. Very exciting and a real summer project. I also need to recover the lazy boy rocking chair that was my Grandmother's. She rocked all of us in it and gave it to me when we bought our first house along with other special pieces of furniture including a beautiful needlepoint stool that sits beside my bed for Camie to use to get up.
I have found the crib that I would like at stokkeusa.com. It is amazing and has wheels so that we can roll it back and forth from our room to Isabel's with little problem. It is a circular crib and can be made into a variety of different sizes and options. In the end, it can be transformed into two chairs. Very cool. It is expensive though, so we are starting to save our money for it. I can't wait to make the special bedding for it. I love high count sheets and I have an Egyptian cotton 400 count that Rhiannon kitty clawed at one end. It will be perfect to make sheets for this cute little crib. I am thinking of things to do in this long wait but especially around the time of our referral. I also love these dolls and the woman who is distributing them is from London Ontario!! You can find them at href="http://wwwmagnolicaandfriends.com/">
I also want to thank Liam, Sherry-Lou and Julie for the gorgeous quilt squares. When our house gets back to normal and Shawn lets me have the camera for a minute, I will post pictures. The wishes were beautiful and made me teary, which as my family will tell you, is fairly normal. They were so special because they were the first ones I received and it makes this whole process real.
As I write this, a yellow butterfly is flying around the garden outside the window!! I see it everywhere now and always comment on seeing my butterfly. I had to assure Shawn that I do know that they are different butterflies!! So, ladybugs are wonderful but I love my butterfly and every time I see it I am reminded that our beautiful daughter is waiting for us in China.

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