Saturday, June 17, 2006

What a week!!

It has been a crazy week with so much to do at work. I am planning two separate events that happen next week for a Director who is leaving at the end of June. One is a five course dinner party for 170 people with live entertainment of course!! The other is a champagne tea with the staff. I have created a few skits so that we can "roast" him at the tea. Should be fun, but what a job!! He is such a perfectionist and I even went to the trouble of ordering silver vases for the roses from the States!! Crazy!! We had our Father's Day Ho-down yesterday with BBQ ribs, country music and chocolate cigars for all of the fellas. I have also planned the Father's day dinner party for tomorrow night. Who knew that I would be planning parties for 200+ people on a regular basis!! Not I!!!
I was chatting with a woman who has three young boys and does the same job as I do. She says that when people's kids come over to her house, they always leave with a craft or baked goodie that they have made. She said that she programs events at work and at home!! I wonder if I will be like that with Isabel? I know that I am planning to have a craft area for her with an easel etc. We have also been looking into the different activities offered in our area for her to participate in. Music is high on our list as is swimming and other active pursuits. My focus will change from running these other events to putting together her birthday parties and family events. With Shawn's schedule, we will be able to do so much next summer!! And yes, I was looking in the paper this morning at used RV's!! Can't get them out of my head.
So, these are my thoughts for today. Back to ripping up the last bits of carpet pad so that the new floors can be installed next week. Yippee, no more living out of boxes!!

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