Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sewing, sewing,sewing

Yesterday, I walked downtown and picked up more fabric for the quilt swaps that I am involved in. We are doing an Asian theme swap in my March LID group and I joined another one with people from all over the world!! Have to get those 100 squares. My sister sent her family's and I cried when I read the wishes. She chose poems from our favorite childhood book, "Where the Sidewalk Ends". My niece picked out the fabric and it has ladybugs all over it - gorgeous.
So, while I am in the fabric store, I can't help but look around. I am so bad that way, Shawn has to tell me to "focus" on the items that we are looking for because I will drift off into "shopping-land" at a moments notice. Needless to say, Shawn wasn't with me so I was looking at the Christmas patterns and came across this GORGEOUS advent calendar. It looks a little Hooville to me and I think that is why I immediately fell in love with it. So, I bought it and have spent the last two days cutting quilt squares,making this pretty calendar and walking with my girlfriend. I keep thinking of all of the fun we will have filling up the pockets with little goodies for Isabel to find!! I still have to attach all of the little pockets (you can see pins if you look closely), put the quilting and backing on it and then quilt it but here it is so far. Had to share it because Shawn just "can't get into Christmas in July". Fun, fun, fun !!!


Connie said...

Too cute - I love it!

Isn't this swapping stuff fun? I am also signing on to an 'around the world' swap. Did you do yours through the Yahoo OHGWQ group?

Mommy-To-Channing said...

Looks great.....I wish I was half as creative as you. My problem is I have no "patience" for stuff like that. Thats why someone else is making the quilt for me....I like to supervise!!!

kayce said...

Beautiful!! I'd love to send you a square....I wish I had that much creativity in me to do mine like that!!! Let me know your addy and I'll pop a square in from ole California.