Saturday, July 01, 2006

Get me away from EBay...

I really mean it!! The other day I went online looking for tea cups for an event and I ended up looking at the crib and baby sections!! I even "won" a crib size duvet. Now the cost of the duvet was under $5.00 US HOWEVER the shipping and handling was EXPENSIVE!! So keep me away from EBay. It is just too tempting.

Happy Canada day to all!! We were going to partake in the festivities (special yoga group raising money for orphanages in Nepal, Folk Fest, the Parliament buildings etc) however we both have huge headaches and are muddling through the day. We did get all of the baseboards painted and ready to put in tomorrow as well as the deck cleaned up and ready to BBQ. We may still go down for the fireworks but right now it is just too bright out there for me. I suffer from migraines and usually have them under control however these past two weeks at work have been INSANE and my neck was locked. My handy dandy chiropractor unlocked it yesterday and this is the residual effect. Same thing for Shawn. All I can say is that this Canada Day is much better than last year when we had just brought a group over from Spain for a month. That was such a stress filled time as they were teenagers age 14 to 18 and there were a number of issues to deal with on this day last year. Tomorrow is the big power tool rental day and hopefully, we will have this chapter of the renovations complete.

So, today we celebrate 4 months of waiting for our daughter and it is amazing how fast the time is going. But then again doesn't summer in Canada always go way too fast!!!

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