Friday, July 14, 2006

Glass of wine

Do you ever feel like coming home after a long day and having a nice glass of wine and forgetting about everything? Well, that is what I am doing now!! It feels great. The weekend is starting and the weather isn't exactly co-operating but who knows what tomorrow will bring.
It has been a hectic week at work (as you can probably tell by my post on Wednesday) but I have also been very busy reading about attachment disorders and other issues that come up with any type of adoption. I guess that this long wait will allow us to become very "book smart" on these topics but as we are very aware, that does not prepare you for the reality of life. So, at this stage we are reading, discussing and trying to pass the time until our daughter comes home.
We have also purchased a new laptop computer as our old one was dying and we don't have the space for a designated office with the stand alone computer set up. It is great but I am finding it difficult to get used to the keyboard which is so much smaller and flatter, not to mention the mouse. We also want to take it to China with us as it plays DVD's for that long trip over. Shawn wanted the big 17 inch screen (as boys do) but he blames it on my eyesight which is better than his!!!
So, reading other people's coping mechanisms for the wait, I stumbled across a gal who is shopping every week for her new daughter. She spends under 10.00 and buys all these neat little things. I think that I might try that. It will make things go so much faster and I do love to shop when I can. It is even better on a self-imposed budget. Well, back to my wine and having a relaxing evening after a crazy week!!

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Connie said...

Yes, indeed, sometimes I have that one glass of wine and even 'forget' I did that and have two.

Some nights are just harder than others to be sure.

I'm in the exact same wait with you. It started at 8 months to 10 to 12 and now possibly 18+. Downright depressing. I'm holding up okay at this point but I wonder what I'll be like at one year LID and no referral. I'll have to set aside for the therapy bills :o(

PS - Love your blog. May I add you to my list on my blog?