Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's hot!!!

Man, it is hot in Victoria, something that we are not all that used to. There is a breeze off of the ocean but it is one of those days that causes you to sweat profusely if you do too many physical activities. Camiecat is lying on her cooshie and taking it very easy today. When I put the fan on, she positioned herself right in front of it and stretched out to take full advantage.
Growing up in Ontario, we both suffered through the severe heat waves that are going on now. That is one of the reasons we moved to the coast - we LOVE the weather in Victoria.
In adoption news... Nothing new just thoughts roaming around in my head about adjustment and the "babysitter" syndrome. Many new parents report that when their child is given to them, they feel as though they are "babysitting" for the first little while. I don't know if people who have biological children feel this way but I understand why adoptive parents might. There is this myth, and perhaps a reality for some, that when they first hold their new child, there is instant love and a feeling of connection from both sides.
What I imagine is the giddy excitement of the parents but there is also a frightened child who has no idea what has just happened, as his/her whole world is changed and taken away from him/her. I am not saying that these children are not going to loving homes and a family where they will be cherished however, there is the grief compounded by fear. Who are these strange people that my nanny just gave me to? We look different, smell different and sound different than everything the child has known.
This experience is different for everyone however many parents report that their children are very different once they are settled in their new home. I really appreciate all of the advice parents are willing and able to give as this is such a new experience and we want to be as informed as possible. We hope that our daughter will be thrilled to meet us, have that instant connection and we all live happily ever after but we know that is probably not going to be the case. So, babysitters we shall be!!


Johnny said...

An excellent attitude! As you said, there is a myth that gets sold. Just because you're crying and you've been waiting a long time, doesn't mean they automatically feel the same way.

I've recently read about the "72 hour rule". Pretty accurate.

Connie said...

Ditto - Johnny took the words right out of my mouth on that one!