Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I have the camera now..

I wanted to post the photos of a few of the squares that I have received and say thank you to those who sent them. In this photo, the pretty yellow floral with the butterflies is from the Miller Family in Texas. My squares are similar to this one and Robin and I had family and friends with us as we opened our packages. My girlfriend and her Mom used the same term "that is so you" when they saw the squares we had exchanged. Too funny!! The Yellow Ladybug and bumblebee fabric is from Kim in Moose Jaw. We seem to have a connection as we are always finding that we are reading each other's blogs at the same time or thinking of one another!! Can't wait to meet you and your precious girl someday!! The pink square in this picture is from the Gallant family in PEI. The fabric is special to us as Robin's wish because they are both from Corinthians, which was part of our wedding. I want to thank you all for the beautiful squares and I am looking forward to those that are on the way!!

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