Sunday, July 16, 2006

My $10.00 purchase of the week

So, I decided that I would follow the advice of another "parent-in-waiting" and satisfy my need to shop and organize by purchasing little things each week. So, Shawn and I went out shopping today and I found an "Oki Groovy Girl" doll at our local book store. She was on sale so she cost much less than $10.00. That is ok as I purchased two "Marching Panda - March 2006 DTC" pins yesterday. It feels kind of strange purchasing things for our daughter who isn't here yet but then again, when I was playing (yes I was playing!!) with Isabel's new doll, the yellow butterfly flew by the window. It may seem crazy to some but what can I say!! It made my weekend anyway because the rumour mill is turning out an 18 to 24 month wait from LID. It is so difficult to be so out of control of something like when you will bring your daughter home. From 8 months when we started to 10 to 12 and now to possibly 24. Crazy. Oh well, there will be lots of little things around by the time she arrives if it is going to be a 24 month wait. Shawn has no idea how many things a little girl can have, I remember my shelves of dolls etc. - should be fun!!

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